Red Berry Bliss




Red Berry Bliss

Author: Marina | Let the Baking Begin!
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Servings: 10 x10 square cake


For each layer of cake you will need (for this cake 3 is needed)

  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 3/4 cup of flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 3 tablespoons of melted butter
  • 2 tablespoons of boiled water

Frosting Ingredients:

  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 cups sour cream
  • 1 big pack of whipped topping
  • 1 cup of sugar


  1. Turn the oven to 370F. Line a square spring form (10 in X 10 in) with parchment paper.
  2. In a bowl bowl run the flour and baking powder through a sieve.
  3. Melt cut butter in the microwave until liquid. Mix with 3 tablespoons of boiled water.
  4. Beat 3 eggs until slightly fluffy with a mixer. Start adding sugar one tablespoon at a time and continue beating with a mixer on high, until very light yellow color and tight texture (about 10-15 minutes total). Fold in the flour mixture into the egg mixture, in 3 addition being very careful not to deflate the batter. Pour the liquid into the batter and fold it together until well incorporated.
  5. Pour the batter into the lined form and bake it in the oven for 20-25 minutes. DO NOT open the oven the first 18 minutes. If you have the light in the oven make sure that the middle is the same color as the outside of the cake before opening it. At about 20 minutes, insert toothpick in the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean - it's baked through.
  6. Once out of the oven, let the cake stay in the baking pan for about 5 minutes, then transfer it to a cooling surface.
  7. Bake 3 sheets of cake in the above manner.

Make the Frosting

  1. Frosting Ingredients:
  2. cups heavy cream
  3. cups sour cream
  4. big pack of whipped topping
  5. cup of sugar
  6. Preparation:
  7. Beat chilled cream & sour cream, going from very low to high, until soft peaks. While continuing to beat with a mixer, add 1 cup of sugar 1 tablespoon at a time, making sure not to overbeat the mixture as it will separate if you do, until stiff peaks.
  8. Add thawed whipped topping and mix it once more to incorporate it into the cream mixture. Use the frosting right away.
  9. Large Jar (1.5 liter) of pitted sour cherry Let the cherries drain.
  10. *Instead of cherries you can use dried cranberry, letting it soak in warm water for about 40 minutes, before draining it and drying it with a paper towel. Use about 3 cups of cranberry for the inside of the cake.
  11. *Instead of cherries you can use fresh strawberry or raspberry also.

To assemble:

  1. Put a dab of frosting in the middle of the plate and spread it out a little.
  2. Place the sheet of cake in the middle. Cut 4 strips of parchment paper/foil about 3 inches wide.
  3. Place each strip about 1/2 inch under each side of the cake (this is to help with the clean up after the frosting process).
  4. Put a couple of tablespoons of frosting in the middle of the cake and spread it out thinly.
  5. Arrange the cherries on top of the frosting pretty tightly together.
  6. Put more frosting on top of the cherries and smooth it out.
  7. Do the same with the rest of the frosting and cake.
  8. Carefully take out the 4 strips of parchment paper/foil that you placed under the bottom layer.

To decorate:

  1. Cover the outside of the cake with frosting.
  2. Carefully sprinkle the dried cranberries over the top of the cake and stick it by hand to the sides of it.Refrigerate the cake for about 24 hours before cutting it. The longer it stays in the fridge, the more moist it becomes.
  3. Serve chilled.

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  • Linda Lara

    Privet Marina!!such a lovely this similar to Smetannik cake?

    · Reply
    • Privet Lara, may be if you can describe what smetannik tastes like, I could tell you))

      · Reply
      • Linda Lara

        Hi Marina..tq for the reply..I don’t know what/how look like Smetannik cake 🙁 I am Asian & I’m married to uzbek guy..I have just started baking Russian cakes..I’m trying to find the best & trusted blog for me to do my reference..I did bake yesterday & the cake is a bit dry..basic ingredient honey,oil,flour,sugar,baking Soda/vinegar & 12 eggs..the cream was made of cream cheese,sour cream,condensed milk & whip cream..the cake turn out to be moist after refrigerate few hrs/overnight..there are few other recipes I found..but the cake is I’m so confuse..which one is the original recipe for Smetannik cake..

        · Reply
        • Ok, I think I know which cake you are talking about, and I think you did everything right and the cake layers are supposed to be dry, almost cookie like, because the cake is meant to go in the fridge overnight and only then to become soft. This cake here (my recipe) is not the smetannik cake, but the one you did, probably is, because its supposed to be ‘honey’ cake layers and sour cream based Creme, which is exactly what you got.
          Good Russian blogs for cake references are of course, this blog (lol) cuz all of my recipes are grid and true, also try and
          Check them out and let me know if you have any more questions.

          · Reply
          • Linda Lara

            Tq Marina…appreciate your info..GBU 🙂

          • You’re welcome, glad to be of help 🙂

  • Marina

    It is both indeed! Thank you!~

    · Reply
  • Jennifer

    Beautiful and SO light looking!

    · Reply
  • Marina

    Thank you!

    · Reply
  • Tina

    looks delicious!!

    · Reply

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