Swirl Rose Box Cake

I made a cake for my mom for Mother’s day and was lost at how to decorate it. It was getting close to the time when we had to leave to her her house and I still couldn’t come up with anything. Finally I decided to go with this design and I am happy to tell you that my mom loved this cake.


There is a ton of tutorials on how to make this so I am not going to go into detail, but if you’re interested to see how I did, you can watch the video below.

Also, I did not use buttercream, instead I used heavy whipping cream. I whipped it up the chilled heavy cream with some sugar and piped the roses with my star tip and a pastry bag. As I already mentioned, I embeded a video of a tutorial made by somebody else (no need to invent a bike, if it’s been done before ya huh?))).

I think one day I will try making a cake with actual roses, just like in the video below..

Hope you learned something today 😉

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  • irina

    What frosting did you use to decorate this cake ?

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    • I used whipped heavy cream with some sugar for this one.

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      • irina

        Did you mix it all at once or whipped cream first and then sugar added?

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        • I mixed it together and then whipped until stiff peaks. You can see the instructions over here. It’s the same technique. Hope this helps.

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          • irina

            Thank you so much for quick reply I made the frosting today and it tastes delicious I like it way more than butter cream !

          • Yes I like it too, it’s much lighter and creamier. You can add cream cheese with sugar, whip it until smooth and then whip cream and continue whipping. It will be a firmer kind of whip cream that will hold up better.
            1 pack cream cheese
            1 cup sugar
            3 cups heavy cream.

  • Gina Crump

    What type of pan did you use for the cake? I love this and I will be attempting to make it for my daughters 2nd birthday!!

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    • Hi Gina! I used a 6 inch square Dido pan 🙂 let me know how it turns out once you make it:)

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  • Rimma

    Very beautiful! And a great job! Just wondering what type of frosting did you use for your cake?

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    • Thanks Rimma!
      For this cake I used a liquid heavy cream that I then whipped up, or you can use ‘fake’ whipped cream.
      Or, if you wanted to, you could also use 2 portions of this recipe
      1 stick butter, room temperature
      1 packet cream cheese
      2-4 cups powdered sugar
      Whip butter and cream cheese until smooth, add the sugar and whip until light and fluffy 🙂
      Hope this helps 🙂

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  • Julia | JuliasAlbum.com

    This is a beautiful cake! I always wanted to learn how to do these swirls. Maybe someday, when I have more free time :).

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    • I have found that if I wait until I have free time, stuff never happens lol )))) just use a next birthday as an excuse to bake a cake and make it beautiful with these swirls, also… Valentine’s Day is coming up 😉

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