Tomato ‘Steak’

IMG_0492-2_thumb[1]I don’t usually post anything, unless I am wanting to share a recipe.
I had a friend share some tomatoes with me and my heart sung with joy as I was looking a them and eating them. So I am here to share some pictures of the beauties.

I find something very exotic and interesting in these tomatoes curvatures and imperfect shapes.


As I was cutting a tomato the size of my baby’s head, I realized that now I understand why some people call their vegetables cut in thick slices ‘steaks’(you know, ‘cauliflower steak’ and such). I mean this tomato was so thick, so juicy, so meaty that the word ‘steak’ perfectly fit the description.


And just like a good steak, this tomato didn’t really need much seasoning. A dash of salt, some olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar did just fine.  Add some fresh and crispy baguette and you’ve got yourself a feast. No meat required.



What’s your guys’ favorite tomato? Or vegetable for that matter?

Bon Appetite!

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