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Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake - By Let the Baking Begin! @Letthebakingbgn
Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake
Prep Time
25 mins
Cook Time
1 hr 20 mins
Total Time
1 hr 45 mins

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake - Thick layer of cheesecake, sandwiched between two moist layers of chocolate cake, then the whole cake is frosted with rich vanilla cream cheese frosting. 

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: red velvet cake
Servings: 12 Servings
Calories: 759 kcal
Author: Book: Piece of Cake
  • 2 packs cream cheese, room temp (8 oz each)
  • 2/3 cup granulated white sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs large
  • 1/3 cup sour cream
  • 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
Red Velvet Cake:
Cream Cheese Frosting:
  • 2 1/2 cup powdered sugar sifted lightly
  • Two 8 oz packages cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 1 Tbsp vanilla extract
Make the Cheesecake layer:
  1. Preheat oven to 325°F. Prepare a roasting pot or a larger cake pan. Line a 9 inch springform pan or a pan with removable bottom with parchment paper. Wrap the bottom of the pan with 2 layers of foil, to prevent water from getting into the pan.

  2. With an electric mixer, blend 2 packs cream cheese until smooth, then add 2/3 cup sugar and a pinch salt and continue mixing for 2 minutes, scraping the bottom and sides of the bowl. Add 2 eggs, one at a time blending after each addition. Mix in 1/3 cup sour cream, 1/3 cup whipping cream, and 1 tsp vanilla. Mix until smooth, then pour the batter into the prepared pan.

  3. Set the pan into the roasting pan. Pour the hot water around the pan with the cheesecake until it's about 1 inch up the foil.
  4. Bake the cheesecake for 45 minutes or until it's set in the center and no longer jiggly. Remove from the roasting pan and cool for about 1 hour. Then freeze the cheesecake completely, about 7 hours or overnight.
Prepare the cake:
  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line two 9-inch round baking pans with parchment paper or line with foil and spray with non stick spray.

  2. In a large bowl whisk the 2½ cups flour, 1½ cups sugar, 3 Tbsp cocoa powder, 1½ tsp baking soda and 1 tsp salt together. Add 2 eggs, 1½ cups oil, 1 cup buttermilk, food coloring, 2 tsp vanilla, and 2 tsp vinegar and beat together for 1 minute on medium-low speed or until well blended, scraping down the sides and bottom of the bowl throughout. Now beat on high speed for 2 minutes.

  3. Divide the batter evenly between two pans and bake for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out with only a few moist crumbs. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Loosen the cake from the pan by running a knife around the edge of the pan. Invert the cake onto a rack and cool completely.
Prepare the frosting:
  1. Beat together 2 packs cream cheese, 2½ cups powdered sugar, 1/2 cup butter and 1 Tbsp vanilla until smooth and creamy.

  1. Put a dab of frosting on the serving plate. Top with the bottom layer of the first cake. Put 4 pieces of foil all around the cake layer covering the serving plate. This will make it for easy clean up at the end.
  2. Reserve about 1 1/4 cups of frosting for decorating. Put about 1/3 of the remaining frosting on top of the cake, spread it around, cover with the other half o the cake layer. Now put the cheesecake layer, parchment side up. Peel the parchment paper off. Top with the top layer of the other cake, spread half of the remaining frosting around into an even layer. Cover with the last half of the cake, bottom side up.
  3. Frost the cake with the remaining frosting, putting a thin layer on the sides and a thicker layer on top.
Make the crumbs for decorating the sides:
  1. Now take the trimmed tops of the cake and pulse them in the food processor until crumbly, or just tear and rub it between the palms of your hands until tiny crumbs form.
  2. Set the cake on a raised surface (like a cake stand) and put a baking sheet underneath to catch the crumbs as they fall. Take a palm full of crumbs and press against the sides of the cake all around, allowing the crumbs to fall back down into the pan, then recollecting them and going around.
Decorate the Cake:
  1. Fit a pastry bag with a star pastry tip, now fill the pastry bag with the reserved frosting.
  2. Now pipe faux christmas trees all around the border of the cake - to do so pipe a large star holding the tip close to the surface of the cake, then stop and quickly pull up, then pipe a smaller star right on top of the bottom layer, and one more even smaller then the two previous ones. You have a 3 layered Christmas tree. If the cake is not for christmas, just pipe large stars all around the border.
  3. Now put a tiny sprinkle star at the top of each piped Christmas tree, then sprinkle it with sprinkles which will look like Christmas toys. I chose red and green, but you can sprinkle any colors.
  4. Pull out the foil from underneath the cake, exposing a clean serving platter.
  5. Refrigerate cake until ready to serve. To cut the cake, use a thin knife dipped in hot water then wiped.
Nutrition Facts
Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake
Amount Per Serving
Calories 759 Calories from Fat 378
% Daily Value*
Fat 42g65%
Saturated Fat 24g150%
Cholesterol 172mg57%
Sodium 646mg28%
Potassium 213mg6%
Carbohydrates 86g29%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 64g71%
Protein 10g20%
Vitamin A 1500IU30%
Calcium 125mg13%
Iron 1.9mg11%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.