Smoked Salmon – ‘How to’ Guide

Ever wonder what it takes to make Smoked Salmon? My husband bought a smoker a while ago and ever since we’ve been enjoying delicious Homemade Smoked Salmon. Learn how you can do it too, at the comfort of your own home!

A how to smoke salmon recipe with step by step instructions on making the perfect smoked salmon.

We have this Smoker and are pretty happy with it. It’s not too expensive and easy to use. You can probably use any smoker, but the instructions below are for this particular one.

My husband used to have a different smoker that had a dial to change temperatures, but he did not like that one. He couldn’t quite figure out what temperature is best for which cut of meat.

Smoked Salmon Fillet recipe. A simple and delicious smoked salmon recipe.

What we like about the smoker we have right now is that, you just plug it into the outlet and whatever the temperature it’s set at, is good for both meats and fish, producing perfectly smoked product every time.

Smoked salmon made in the comfort of your own home. Delicious, moist smoked salmon fillet.

What kind of Salmon is good for Smoking?

When picking out salmon in the store, try to get one with more fat, as it makes for a moister and more delicious smoked salmon. Also, look for salmon with the skin on, since that will make drying the fish a lot easier.

Both wild and farm raised are ok to smoke, but wild salmon tends to be on the drier side.

Smoked salmon recipe that tells you all about how to smoke salmon in the comfort of your own home.

How to Smoke Salmon at Home

Smoked Salmon {How to Guide}

This Smoked Salmon-'How to' Guide recipe is going to be your new favorite smoked salmon recipe. A how to smoke salmon guide, to make the best-smoked salmon fillet.

Author: Marina | Let the Baking Begin


  • Salmon fillet boneless (skin on)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Seasoning of choice
  • 1 :1 ratio of medium-sized Cherry & Apple Wood Chips

Special Equipment

  • Smoker
  • Fan
  • Skewers


  1. Rinse salmon fillet under water, pat dry with a paper towel.
  2. Make sure it is free from bones. Use sterilized pluckers to pick the bones out, if there are any.
  3. Cut the fish into even pieces - for faster curing & smoking, cut thicker part of the fillet into smaller pieces (about 3-4 inches in width for fillet closer to the head, and 5-6 inches width closer to the tail).
  4. Sprinkle salt, pepper and any other fish seasoning you like on both sides of the fish (fillet & skin side). Salt the fish as you would for roasting. Pan fry a small piece to check that there’s enough salt.
  5. Refrigerate for 24-48 hours, wrapped or in a closed container.
  6. Thread 3-4 pieces of fish on a skewer and hang between two raised pieces of wood (see picture for illustration), and set a baking dish underneath to catch any drippings.
  7. Set fan in front of the fish, and blow dry it for 10-12 hours (preferably overnight, when the temperatures are lower), until the fish is dry to the touch and no longer sticky, this will help the smoke to adhere to the fish.
  8. Take the fish from the skewers and set it on the smoker racks, setting thicker fillets on the bottom racks and thinner (tail) on the top racks.
  9. Set the wood chips in the bowl, on the bottom of the smoker.
  10. Place the drip pan between the chips and the racks of fish.
  11. Close the smoker.
  12. Change wood chips every 2 hours.
  13. Leave the fish to smoke for 5-6 hours, depending on the temperature outside. In the summer months, start checking for doneness after 5 hours.
  14. Store refrigerated in a closed container for up to a week and a half, or vacuum seal and store for up to 2 months.

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  • Tanya

    This may be a dumb question but what type of fan do you use? Like a hair blow dryer or a regular fan because you say blow dry until its dry so just want to clarify….

    · Reply
    • A regular fan that you would use to keep yourself cold in the summer 🙂

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  • Brooke Schweers

    My partners dad just bought a smoker so I must go over and use it to make smoked salmon! It looks 100000000 times better then the smoked salmon you buy. Your husband is very lucky! 🙂

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  • brewster

    try using a half and half mixture of sea salt and brown sugar for a cadied like smoked salmon….very good

    · Reply
    • Thanks for the idea! Unfortunately, my husband does not like savory foods with sugar that’s why I did not add any, but I like the idea of brown sugar, it definitely would put the salmon into the gourmet category!

      · Reply
  • Natasha of

    My goodness that looks incredible. I love the photo with the fork in it and the herbs over the top. Beautiful! Makes me wish I had a smoker!

    · Reply
    • Thanks Natasha! The photo you’re referring, almost didn’t make the cut, I changed my mind about excluding it at the last minute, I am glad I did 🙂

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