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Walnut Stuffed Prunes

Stuffed walnuts in a white plate with a fork.

Walnut stuffed prunes is a simple and delectable dessert idea that takes no special skills and used to be part of all big celebrations when I was growing up. My grandma stuffed prunes with walnuts that she grew right in her front yard. I remember sitting with her on little chairs, next to makeshift table made of an upside down bucket and a wooden board. As a kid I loved that she made it to accommodate my size as a kid. With a bucket full of walnuts waiting to be cracked, little hammers in hands, we crushed the shells of the walnuts to reveal fresh kernel.

Walnut stuffed prunes topped with chopped walnuts topped with condensed milk.

Every other one made it to the bowl, the rest were…well, lets just say – were missing in action. But t’was OK, there was a lot more where they came from.
Once we had the walnuts all ready, we would take our pre-soaked prunes and press a piece of walnut into the soft flesh of the prune. Now it was just minutes before we could enjoy them by pouring condensed milk on top in a lava-like fashion. Popping one after the other into the mouth, it’s so hard to stop eating them! Somehow the rather interesting combination of the prunes, walnuts & sweetened condensed milk, once combined makes into one grand combination. If you are like me and grew up eating this stuff, this post is to remind you to make it again 🙂 If you’ve never tried this, you should! They’re so addicting!

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Walnut Stuffed Prunes

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Walnut stuffed prunes are a simple, delectable dessert idea that is as tasty as it is good for you. Drench it in condensed milk for the full experience.

Author: Marina | Let the Baking Begin
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: walnut stuffed prunes
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2 servings



  1. Pour warm water over prunes and allow to sit for 1-2 hours. Once soft, drain the water and pat dry prunes.
  2. Insert up to one half of the walnut into the prune. Repeat until desired amount is made.

To serve:

  1. Place on a platter. Pour condensed milk over the prunes, trying to coat each one.

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  • Nelya

    How far in advance can I make this? A day, a few?

    · Reply
    • You can stuff the prunes with walnuts even a week ahead. Lay it out on a rimmed serving plate, cover and refrigerate. Right before serving pour the condensed milk on top.

      · Reply
  • Courtney

    Made this tonight. It was great. Very different. Fun to make. My husband loved it. He asked that I make it now and again!

    · Reply
  • jessica

    Do you keep it in the refrigerator if planning to serve the next day? or pour the condensed milk just before serving? lThanks

    · Reply
    • Just the walnuts and prunes can be kept at room temperature or in the fridge. The prunes tend to harden up when put in the fridge, but if you like them cold then that might be a good place to store them in.

      Pour condensed milk right before serving, also you can grate a chocolate bar on top for a nicer presentation.
      Hope this helps!

      · Reply
  • Elena

    We stuff them and cook in red wine then eat with sour cream, very yummy

    · Reply
    • Wow, I love all these new ways to eat these plums! I’ve never heard of cooking them in red wine beforehand. So are they like poached in red wine to absorb some of it and then you stuff them with walnuts, or no walnuts if you’re poaching them in red wine?

      · Reply
  • constance paul

    My grandmother use to make at Christmas time Stuffed prunes with whipped creamed chocolate and we loved them!!!

    · Reply
  • I remember a german friend making them but rolling them in granulated sugar. We ate them like candy. A nice memory. Thanks for sharing.

    · Reply
  • Nemanja Kostic

    I actually make those. 🙂

    · Reply
  • Julie

    Oh my such great memories from childhood! We also made this with sour cream and sugar!! It was a special treat for New Years don’t know why…
    Love this recipe too bad I for all about it! Will have to make it and surprise my grown siblings!!
    Thanks for the idea!!

    · Reply
  • Zhanna

    I love this dessert! My mom and I always make this with condensed milk. And I add little bit of coffee liquor. Just try it, it tastes amazing!

    · Reply
  • Dianna

    Does the prunes have to be dried from a store in a package or fresh? Thanks

    · Reply
    • yes the prunes are supposed to be dried. If they’re not plump, you can soak them in warm water for 5-10 minutes to make them a little softer.

      · Reply
  • mathandchocolate

    I also had it with a mix of sour cream + sugar + lemon as a kid, but the condensed milk sounds great!

    · Reply
    • It’s so interesting that so many had it just like you did, while I never even knew that others ate it with sour cream)) Try it with condensed milk, it might be your new favorite 😉

      · Reply
  • Tanya

    We always ate walnut stuffed prunes with sour cream whipped with sugar… But I can see how this would be awesome too! We’ll try it with condensed milk next time! Thank you and keep the good stuff coming!

    · Reply
    • Really? you’re the second person to tell me that and I’ve never had it with sour cream. I wonder if it’s a regional thing.. you know, some places people ate it with sour cream and others with condensed milk…

      · Reply
  • urmachviktoria

    ммммм какая вкуснота, слюни на клавиатуре

    · Reply
  • Lana

    I love the prune – walnut combo! But I never had it with condensed milk..always with chocolate! 🙂 chocolate prune walnut cake… Chocolate covered prunes with walnuts…best things ever! 🙂

    · Reply
    • Oh my gosh, you’re totally missing out, you gotta try it asap, it’s the best thing ever! it tastes completely different with chocolate, but now I am thinking that some grated chocolate wouldn’t be too bad on top of this)) Now that you mentioned it, I think my aunts back when I was little used to grate chocolate on top… hmm, need to ask them..

      · Reply

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